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"Do You Need an Apartment But Can't Get One Because You Have Bad Credit?"

You can get into a good apartment - regardless of your credit history!

There's nothing more embarrassing than being denied for an apartment. Or having to ask relatives to cosign for you. Or, even worse, being stuck in a crummy apartment because your credit is too bad to move somewhere else.

But, many people are forced to do it everyday. Bad credit leaves them with no other choice.

Just because you skipped a few credit card bills or car payments doesn't mean you'll miss your rent. You have to have a place to live and you'll pay your rent on time to keep from getting put out.

That's not enough for most landlords.

Landlords won't rent to you if you don't have almost spotless credit.

What does credit have to do with renting anyway?

Nothing at all.

Credit scores were created so banks could approve you for credit cards and loans.

Somewhere along the way, landlords got it into their heads that credit scores could help them predict who would be late on their rent. They think that people with bad credit will end up getting evicted. This is not true!

Bad credit doesn't equal late rent payments.

How can I rent when I have bad credit?

You absolutely can rent when you have bad credit. I know because I've done it.

There was a point when my credit score was in the low 500's. I was $45,000 in debt. And I had all kinds of negative things on my credit report.

I thought my positive rental history and steady job would be enough to rent an apartment, but I was wrong.

The landlords showed no mercy.

The only way I could keep from living on the street was to find an apartment that wouldn't check my credit.

Nothing out there helped me find any "no credit check" apartments.

Everytime I had some free time, I searched the internet and apartment guides for an apartment. I could not find anything, but bad advice about renting with bad credit.

The 1st awful solution...

Use a professional leasing firm. How this works is the company rent the apartment for you in their name. You send the the rent plus a 20% fee and they send the rent to the landlord.  Living on a budget, I couldn't afford to send someone an extra $100-$300 every month.

The 2nd awful solution...

Rent from an extended stay hotel. This might have been an option for a week or two, but certainly not for an entire year or more. I needed somewhere to setlle down, not somewhere that required me to find storage for my furniture and live out of my suitcases.

After all the time I spent searching, I learned one valueble thing: I needed to look for individual landlords instead of applying at huge apartment complexes.

Why are no credit check apartments so hard to find?

You might as well be searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack if you don't know where to find "no credit check" apartments.

Take out your magnifying glass and get ready for some time-consuming searching.

You won't find no credit check apartments advertising in the same places large apartment complexes do. You may not find them advertising at all. And when you do see an advertisement, it wont say "no credit check."

In fact, you've probably been seeing no credit check apartments all along, you just didn't realize it because you didn't know what to look for. I didn't either.

You can have the easy secrets to finding no credit check apartments.

Forget about combing through every page on the internet looking for an apartment.

I found the bad credit renter's goldmine!

When I finally found an apartment, it was like discovering hidden treasure on a beach.

The application process was quick and painless. Best of all, there was no credit check.

Once I got settled in, I I typed up every step I took to get into an apartment without having my credit checked. If I ever needed to look for a no credit check apartment again, I'd know exactly what to do.

Now you can find out the exact steps I took to rent an apartment with bad credit.

Learn how to break free from the bondage of bad credit and move into a new apartment or house, no matter what's on your credit report!

You don't have to rent a slum just because you have bad credit.

Don't assume that bad credit means you'll be renting on the bad side of town from a slumlord who'll take the door off the hinges if your rent isn't on time.

That is definitely not the case.

You can have a beautiful apartment just like mine!

It's gorgeous! It's a 1000 square foot, two large bedrooms, two bathrooms, recently-remodeled apartment with hardwood floors, a garage, and washer and dryer on site.

Best of all, I'm stealing this beauty from my landlord for a mere $625 a month. (My previous apartment was almost double that).

Want to know exactly how to rent an apartment in 3 months or less?

My report How to Rent With Bad Credit is a step-by-step guide that is proven to get you into an apartment, regardless of what's on your credit report.

Past due bills? No problem!

Bankruptcy? No problem!

Repossession? No problem!

Foreclosure? No problem!

Renting an apartment with bad credit is not a problem!

How to Rent With Bad Credit a quick read that tells you everything to do to get into an apartment even if your credit score is terrible.

Credit too bad to rent an apartment? How to Rent an Apartment With Bad Credit will tell you exactly how to avoid an apartment credit check

This report won't waste your time with suggestions that could a more perfect world:

"Credit repair" schemes. Stay far away. People get scammed by these companies. There's nothing they can do to help you get into an apartment anyway. I can help you today.

Pay your rent in advance. Do you have thousands of dollars laying around to pay a full year's lease in advance? Do you have time to save up enough to pay your lease? Of course, you don't. That's why I created How to Rent With Bad Credit, for people whose only option is finding apartments that don't check credit.
Find a co-signer. Your family and friends love you, but they won't co-sign an apartment for you. You don't need a co-signer to rent an apartment. I'll tell you how to rent an apartment in your name and yours only.
Forget about finding a roommate. Having a roommate is annoying. If you have a spouse or kids, a roommate is not an option. If you go that route, don't be surprised if the landlord asks to check both roommates credit. Do it my way and the landlord will hand you the keys to your very own apartment.

Learn how you can:

Find a landlord that doesn't do credit checks. This is the most important step. Mess this up and you'll be right back at square one.  I'll let you know the source of countless no credit check apartments right in your area.
Weed out professionally-managed apartments that always do credit checks. You will get denied. I'll give you tips on recognizing the guaranteed-denials even when they're not so obvious.
Find out if the landlord does credit checks without making him suspicious. Asking if the landlord checks credit could give him a reason to doubt your trustworthiness. I'll tell you how to find out if there's a credit check without getting embarrassed or triggering suspicion.
Get out of a credit check. Find out that magic words that, when used at the right time, will get you out of a credit check. Even if the landlord's "policy" is to always do credit checks. I'll give you the credit check loophole that landlords listen to.
When to do your apartment hunting. Your search will turn up empty-handed if you're looking at the wrong time. I'll tell you the exact time to look for an apartment so you can move right in. Hint: it has nothing to do with the season or the time of year.

I've used every one of these steps to successfully rent three apartment homes, even while I had bad credit.

There's no better solution out there!

As I write this letter to you, I have not seen any reports like this.

I was so frustrated that no one had come up with a solution to the "no credit check apartment" problem, that I came up with one myself.

I'm not some "expert" who did some internet research and wrote up a report about it.

I'm someone who's actually walked in your shoes, someone who has bad credit and can't rent "luxury" apartments because of it, even to this day.

Using the success formula in How to Rent With Bad Credit, I have access to some of the best kept secrets in town. You can can too.

Find out everything you need to know to find an apartment that would not deny you because of bad credit?

An apartment is more than walls, a ceiling, and a floor. It's not just a place to store your furniture.

An apartment is protection.

It's comfort.

It's security.

It's an escape.

It's a home.

How to Rent With Bad Credit is only $13!

Having an apartment of your own is priceless.

Get ready to sign a lease on a new apartment home.

You don't have to wait another day to find an apartment.

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Good luck with your apartment hunt!

Elle Reese

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