Renting With Bad Credit

You’ve probably found this page because you’ve discovered one of the biggest drawbacks of having bad credit – it’s next to impossible to find an apartment who will rent to you if you don’t have great credit.

Many apartment complexes do a credit check as part of your application process and will deny you if you have negative marks on your credit report. Late payments, bankruptcy, debt collections, previous broken leases, and evictions are just a few of your past mistakes that can keep you from renting.

But you have to have somewhere to live.

Despite your best intentions, if your credit history doesn’t meet certain standards (in some places it has to be almost spotless), the apartments will automatically deny your application.

There’s a Solution for Desperate Renters

Desperate Renters was created to help people with bad credit figure out how to rent with bad credit by locating no credit check apartments and homes. We don’t have the ability to show specific rentals in your area – not yet at least – because of them aren’t even listed.

As you read through the articles here, you’ll get an understanding of what it takes to find no credit check apartments or a landlord who is willing to rent to you with bad credit.

Must Know Tips for Renting With Bad Credit

Check your credit before you go apartment shopping. While the goal is to find no credit check apartment homes, it still helps to know what’s on your credit report. Our Credit Resources page gives you tips on how to check your credit for absolutely free (no strings attached).

Review your credit ahead of your apartment search. Give yourself enough time to fix any credit report errors or pay off negative accounts as you can afford to. Consider using a professional credit repair company if you’re not confident you can do it on your own.


You may have to pay a higher security deposit. Landlords feel safer knowing they have one month’s rent on reserve just in case you skip a month. Of course, you don’t intend to fall behind on your rent payments and as long as you pay on time and leave your place in good condition when you move out, you can get your security deposit back.

Planning ahead can make it easier to afford the security deposit. Start setting aside $100 or more dollars each month even before you start apartment hunting. The more time you give yourself to save a security deposit, the easier it will be to save up.

Your income plays a big role. Even when you’re not renting no credit check apartments, landlords need to know that your income is high enough to afford the rent payments. They often require your monthly income to be at least three times the monthly rent. That gives you enough room to make the rent payments and afford your other bills. Divide your monthly income by three to figure out the rent amounts you’ll typically qualify for. Keep this amount in mind as you look for apartments.

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